Spring, Best time to Sell your Property!

It is now May, it is still not too late to get your property on the Market. Which month is the best to list? It depends on the weather, this year really proves that, we had a huge winter here in the Cascade MT area, the selling season really got going a bit later than other years, due to the cold, late snow, and rain. In the past few years it seems like buyers were out looking hard starting in February, but this year, everything is behind, the grass getting green, the birds returning and the weather getting warmer.
My thought on early season “buyers”is this, when someone is ready to make a move, they most likely do not want to move during the cold, and snowy season, but rather when the days are a bit warmer. The process of searching starts during those long cold days in the heart of winter. Folks become anxious if in fact they are finding homes that are very appealing during this time of the year. And on those simi warm days in February, they jump in the car, fight the slick roads, clothed in their warmest coats, and boots and start their search.
So, most years it is a good idea to get your home on the market in February, this year, it is an exception, with April or May is still a great time to get your house on the market ,so the buyers can view your home during a warmer time.

Mark Daly (406 459 9642


Clearwater Montana Properties

216 E Main

White Sulpher Springs MT 59645

(800) 577-3013  info@cmpmontana.com


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