Lawn care, and yes, you should care!


Lawns can be quite a bit of work, if you allow them to be. I like to think that I have a nice looking lawn that adds value to my property. I do not like to spend endless hours manicuring, packing lawn cuttings, and spending heaps of money, Fertilizer, weed control, etc… to acquire the right look. Here is my recipe, I do not collect lawn cuttings, rather , I keep the “bag”, in the shed, and just mulch. The only thing about this process is that you must be vigilant about not allowing your lawn to get too tall, cutting every 5-6 days is a must.

DSC_0116 (3)

Why does my lawn look so good without fertilizer? Every Fall once the leaves have fallen, I mulch the leaves until the pieces are very small, going over the area more than just a few times. I then take the extra leaves and place them around the base of my trees, and bushes, not extracting the large leaves from my flower garden spots. This allows nutrients to be absorbed into the soil, in addition to protect the plants base from harsh winters. It also protects insects and small animals to survive, along with Deer that will get by when their natural food is two feet under a blanket of snow. The trees benefit from the nutrients from the leaves, and protects the base and shallow roots from freezing.


The mulching begins before all the leaves have fallen, here is one of the local Deer ( ratface) standing in lines of simi mulched leaves.

One of the real benefits to just using mulch, is that it does not do harm to the Bee population, nor the birds that love to feed on the lawn, birds of many types come to feed , flickers, rock doves, grackles, sparrows, and of course robins. This year I had a returning robin who must dream of my lawn all winter, he showed up in the snow, in March, and I had to feed him Blueberries just to survive during this past harsh Spring.


The photo above is in the month of August, this is usually a month of brown lawns, mine as you can see is lush and healthy, natural, and good for the environment.

So, I hope you will try this method, lawns can be a real pain if you allow them to be , or they can add to the beauty of your neighborhood, and, be a sanctuary for the wildlife that a healthy lawn will attract , and sustain. Happy Mulching!

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